登記成為The North Face會員,即可參與INVINCIBLE聯名系列產品發售抽籤活動
Register as The North Face Member to join the raffle to buy INVINCIBLE collection
需要與身份證相同 Same as ID Card
需要與身份證相同 Same as ID Card
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參加者重要事項 Important Notice for Participants
  • 顧客於2021年2月4 日 (中午12時) - 5日(中午12時)登記成為The North Face會員,即可參與抽籤活動。
    During Feb 4 (12:00pm) to Feb 5 (12:00pm) 2021, consumers register as The North Face members in order to participate in the raffle.
  • 顧客不能重覆使用同一身分證號碼登記,違者視為棄權。
    No repeated registration is allowed. Consumer who registered repeatedly will be disqualified.
  • 只限18歲或以上人士參與此活動。
    Only consumers aged 18 or above are allowed to enter the raffle.
  • THE NORTH FACE Urban Exploration 將於2021年2月6日抽出中籤者,並於同日以簡訊通知中籤者。
    THE NORTH FACE Urban Exploration will make a draw on Feb 6 and send SMS to notify the successful consumers in the same day.
  • 中籤者需於2021年2月7日指定時段內親自攜帶通知簡訊及身份證正本,前往指定的香港The North Face Urban Exploration 太古廣場專門店或台北The North Face Urban Exploration 新光三越A11門市購買中籤產品。
    Successful Consumers present in person with SMS message and ID card in specific timeslot to purchase the designated item in Hong Kong - The North Face Urban Exploration Pacific Place Store or Taipei – The North Face Urban Exploration SKM A11 Store.
  • 中籤者每人只限購買1件外套及1件內襯產品。
    Each consumer can purchase 1 Jacket and 1 inner piece.
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